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PNT-consultancy providing full support service for organization of clinical trials in Ukraine and former Soviet countries, our main aim is to help your company to avoid difficulties in conducting of clinical trials in our countries. PNT-consultancy operations mainly located in Ukraine and Belarus, countries with about 60 million population, Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe with population about 50 million peoples, the Republic of Belarus (Belarus) is located in the Eastern part of Europe with population about 10 million peoples. Health care systems, experienced investigators, a large population, cultural closeness to Western Europe, and comparatively lower costs make both countries attractive to pharmaceutical companies and global CROs.

With our partners we are providing clinical trial support service in Russia. Russian Federation is one of the largest country in the world, covering more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area, country with 142 million people. It extends across the whole of northern Asia and 40% of Europe.


Our company mainly operating in biggest cities and regional scientific centers:

            •          Ukraine:

            •          Kiev – 3 millions;

            •          Kharkiv – 1,5 millions;

            •          Dnipropetrovsk – 1 million;

            •          Odessa – 1 million;

            •          Lviv – 0,8 million;


            •          Russia:

            •          Moscow – 15 millions;

            •          Saint-Petersburg – 6 millions;

            •          Novosibirsk – 2,5 million;




     •          Belarus:

            •          Minsk – 1,8 millions;