Increased safety. Increased reliability. Increased value.


-       comprehensive consulting in all local aspects of clinical trials in Ukraine and former Soviet countries, planning and implementation;

-       Study feasibility: site selection, assessment of recruitment potential, budget negotiation;


-       Preparation of Clinical Trial dossier, submission to Regulatory Authorities and Ethics committees, obtaining of all necessary permissions for conducting of clinical trials;

-       Reporting to Regulatory Authorities and Ethics committees;

-       Professional medical translations;

-       Insurance arrangements;


-       Complete service in import of IMP and study supplies;

-       Complete service in export of IMP and lab samples;

-       Destruction by local certified vendors or return to Sponsor;

Site coordination:

-       Selection and negotiation with local laboratories;

-       Selection and negotiation with local diagnostic facilities;

-       Patients transportation;

-       Site equipment;

-       Local purchase of commercial medications and lab supplies in accordance with country legislations;